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Friday, April 26, 2024

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by David Tente

Support the House Crime Bill – HR 3398

Did you know that, in most states, stealing $5,000 from a store’s ATM will get you about the same penalty as running off with a 6-pack of beer? It’s true. Most ATM thefts are treated as property crimes and the perpetrators are back out on the street in days. ATM crime of all types is growing rapidly – it is very profitable and carries relatively low risk for the criminals.

ASA (the ATM Security Association) is asking you to help with the fight against ATM crime. The “Safe Access to Cash Act”, HR 3398, has bipartisan support in Congress, but is not moving forward. This bill would make all ATM crimes a felony with significant prison time and penalties. Which is expected to help reduce the growth of ATM crime across the country.

ASA is asking you to call your Representative today and ask him/her to become a co-sponsor of HR 3398! If you are not sure who your representative is, use the link below to enter your ZIP code and display their contact information.

ATM deployers and service providers can subscribe to ASA for access to security best practices and other resources. Including the only global ATM crime database (the CCMIS), which allows subscribers to track crime trends, identify local criminal activity, and learn what they need to be prepared for. Access to the CCMIS is complementary to all law enforcement agencies.


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