Our purpose is to produce excellent global intelligence in a collaborative alliance to enable the industry to counteract the increasing level of international threat.

David Tente – President, ATM Security Association

The Association clearly encourages every company that has a stake in Global ATM Security to become a valued subscriber of the Association.

Man in front of ATMThe ATM Security Association for Enhanced Technology is a platform to allow its subscribers to more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively respond to ever-increasing criminal attacks and identify theft against ATMs globally. The Association is intended to provide a secure repository of detailed information around such criminal activities, as well as industry recommendations to the Subscribers’ global customers.

White Papers

White Paper Cash Cassette Security – Unauthorised Access
White Paper ATM Skimming and Card Compromise – Modi-Operandi and Countermeasures (Version 2)

Position Papers

Joint Position Paper on ATM Crime Sentences

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ASA Operating Policies and Procedures

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