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Payment of annual ASA subscription dues affirms that we/I do hereby pledge to maintain sound and fair business practices, to meet local regulatory requirements, and to encourage the pursuit of best practices which we have assessed to be applicable to our particular business area, while operating as a subscriber of the ATM Security Association. Every subscriber company pledges to abide by the fair business standards and procedures as a condition of admission and continuing subscription in ASA.

ASA subscriber benefits are nontransferable and cannot be shared. ASA subscriber benefits are for ASA subscriber companies and their employees only, and may not be made available to others, including other organizations that ASA subscriber companies or their employees are affiliated with. Consequently, as a further condition of subscription, subscriber companies will not share, and will take all necessary steps to ensure that their employees will not share, any ASA benefits, including but not limited to Best Practice Manuals, the ASA subscriber database, industry reports, discussion papers, webinar links or their logins with a non-subscriber company/person, as well as materials licensed to ASA. Failure to adhere to this prohibition may result in subscriber discipline, up to and including termination. ASA subscriber agree to refer any requests for information by non-subscriber to Amber Howell at [email protected]

Former ASA subscribers may not rejoin ASA using a discount / promo code within 13 months of expiration as part of our best business practice and ASA’s subscriber loyalty program.

In so doing, we/I believe these business practices will not in any way bring the reputation of the ATM industry into disrepute, nor intentionally damage the general public and business confidence in the ATM as a self-service delivery channel. Rather, we/I believe that our business practices contribute to the growth, health and general good-will prevailing in the ATM industry.

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