ASA subscribers are encouraged to serve on committees to better our industry. Committees typically convene quarterly via conference calls, which may be scheduled on a more frequent basis if deemed necessary. Subscribers may serve on one or more of the following committees:

ATM Fraud & Cyber Security Committee (Global)
The Fraud and Cyber Security Committee will serve as a vehicle for members to collaborate and keep each other informed about all types of fraud and cyber security threats.  This is a constantly changing environment that can impact all ATM industry stakeholders.   If you were previously a member of the ATM Skimming & Card Data Compromise Working Group and/or the ATM Cyber, Software and Encryption Security Alliance, your membership has been transfered to this new committee group. For more information, contact David Tente.

ATM Physical Security Committee (Global)
This group will look at how to improve the security of ATMs, including looking at solutions and potential standards.

Next Gen ATM Security Working Group (Global)
This is the security committee of the Consortium for Next Generation ATMs which is looking at the security of the API App model for ATMs which is a new ATM architecture which will connect the ATM to the consumer’s mobile phone for transactions. It will cover security of consumer owned devices too, as well as protecting the new ATM architecture.

ATM Suppliers & Service Providers