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ATM physical explosive attacks are still on the rise depending upon which part of the world you are living in; however, one thing is for sure and that is that such attacks are not going away.  With changing legislation around physical security we believe that true ATM protection requires multiple layers, beginning with prevention.  Our motto is “An unsuccessful explosion is your success.”

Our solution is founded on prevention and works in conjunction with IBNS solutions whose goal is to reduce the reward.  By deterring gas and/or solid explosives from being inserted into the ATM’s safe, costs of repair and potential loss of human life can be avoided.  The ROI on this solution is extremely high.

InfoMAT Services has been serving Italian customers since 1998. 

Boasting over 20 years of banking experience in hardware, software, security and services solutions, InfoMAT is a formidable leader in the ATM self-service arena. 

Customer safety and security are essential in the operation of Self Service equipment. InfoMAT Services offers an innovative solution that deters the introduction of gas or solid explosives into the ATM’s safe cavity by way of a forced shutter entry.

Innovation is always top of mind as demonstrated by the success of the ATM explosive deterrent solution, providing Northern European customers with peace of mind from gas and solid explosive attacks.

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InfoMAT Services

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Attacking ATMs is not a new trend but one that has been around for quite some time and will unfortunately continue. Seen as an easy target, attacks are not uncommon, in particular those that are either in “high risk” areas or in locations with limited foot traffic. These conditions are inviting to criminals looking for “quick cash”.

While 24x7x365 day surveillance can be extremely costly, an ATM deployer today has a wide range of available options designed to ward off criminals.

The ShockBuster™ solution portfolio will provide protection against gas and/or solid explosive attacks.

ShockBuster™ for TTW ATMs

ShockBuster™ for TTW ATMs

Protect your Through-the-Wall (TTW) ATMs with innovative technology, resistant to ATM explosives and gas penetration ShockBuster™ TTW is effective and proven to deterring ATM safe explosions.

While under attack, ShockBuster’s alarm central will immediately trigger any of the following alarms:  audible, visual, and/or security central, giving you contact flexibility and immediate response. 

Through the use of three different types of hardened steel, coupled with advanced electronic intelligence, ShockBuster locks down any access to the ATM’s safe, thus preventing the ability to insert any type of explosive. And if you have a cash recycler, that’s protected too.

Design strategy is built around PREVENTION. Prevent loss of life.  Prevent customer disruption.  Prevent costly structural damages.  Prevent complete ATM replacement.

ShockBuster works on the simple idea that the safe remains impenetrable to explosive insertion, whether gas or solid, even when it is presenting the cash to a customer.  

In less than 1.5 hours you can already begin to enjoy ShockBuster’s added security against ATM attacks. 

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ShockBuster™ for Lobby ATMs

ShockBuster™ for Lobby ATMs

InfoMAT’s ShockBuster™ Lobby is a very effective solution that can be installed with limited disruption to your customers.

ShockBuster™ Lobby is simple and quick to install but its protection is unwaning.

ShockBuster provides the first level of prevention and resistance to explosions. While under attack, ShockBuster’s alarm central will immediately trigger any of the following alarms: audible, visual, and/or security central, giving you contact flexibility and immediate response. 

The hardened steel plate slots into the ATM “nose” so that direct access to the ATM’s safe is extremely reduced, thus preventing the ability to insert any type of explosives in the limited time that is required by criminals.  

Coupled with an active alarm system that is instantly triggered when the shutter is tampered with, proves to be a very effective solution in warding off criminals before an explosion can be activated.

Easy to install, requiring no changes to ATM application software, you can begin to enjoy the benefits in just under an hour! 

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Services and Support

Business Services

We take a consultative approach to providing personalised banking solutions and services.

Whether it be a strategic project, such as Branch Transformation, installing a new self-service device and the software to drive it, or evaluating outsourcing initiatives, together we’ll look at the “Big Picture” to help guide you in the best direction befitting your needs. 

Technology Services

Investing in Research and Development (R&D) is part of our DNA which allows us to bring innovation to the market.

Our in-house engineers have the ability to design, develop, and produce, innovative technology, personalised for in-country uniqueness or for market trends, such as physical security to combat ATM explosion attacks.

Customer Services

As part of our on-going customer relationship, we provide complete training programs, technical documentation, and spare parts, for our complete product portfolio.

We won’t leave you.  You can count on us to be there for any of your needs, whether technical, administrative, or post-sales inquiries.  We’re only a phone call away.

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