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Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) is a world leader in enabling connected commerce. We automate, digitize and transform the way people bank and shop. Our integrated solutions connect digital and physical channels conveniently, securely and efficiently for millions of consumers every day. As an innovation partner for nearly all of the world’s top 100 financial institutions and a majority of the top 25 global retailers, Diebold Nixdorf delivers unparalleled services and technology that power the daily operations and consumer experience of banks and retailers around the world. The company has a presence in more than 100 countries with approximately 23,000 employees worldwide. Visit for more information.

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Diebold Nixdorf
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Introducing DN Series™ - Built to Connect. Built for More.™Introducing DN SeriesTM - Built to Connect. Built for More.TM

We're proud to introduce DN SeriesTM, a revolutionary self-service solution that's Built to Connect. Built for More.TM With more total capacity, more functionalities, more integrations, and more security, DN SeriesTM is breaking the mold for self-service solutions.

Make Stronger, More Personal Connections with Diebold NixdorfMake Stronger, More Personal Connections with Diebold Nixdorf

We've evolved and innovated to meet the ever-changing digital and physical demands of consumers around the globe, and we're committed to helping you evolve as well. As a strategic partner, we'll help you create meaningful, insightful connections with your customers, while also connecting them to what they need most. Whether it's banking or shopping, we're dedicated to driving connected commerce and bringing merchants, bankers, and consumers together.

Global Service InsightsGlobal Service Insights

Top experts from Diebold Nixdorf AllConnectSM - Services network share industry trends, experience-based perspectives, critical differentiators and much more.

Flexible, Predictive, IoT-driven Service SolutionsFlexible, Predictive, IoT-driven Service Solutions

Diebold Nixdorf AllConnectSM - Services powers agile, future-focused business transformation for banks and retail. With 15,000 experts around the globe, we're your partner for everything that comes next.

Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect ServicesDiebold Nixdorf AllConnect ServicesSM: Your Team. Powered By Ours.

Our services capabilities are world-leading. Today we’re making it even easier to meet your business complexities head on with Diebold Nixdorf AllConnectSM - Services for a connected world. Bring the best of "as-a-service" to all your channels to unleash rapid transformation.

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Products & Services

Strategies to Drive Growth

Strategies to Drive Growth

At Diebold Nixdorf, our research and development focuses on the challenges faced in today’s rapidly changing business environment – while monitoring the emerging trends that will affect your business down the road.

We know that every organization is different. That’s why our key strategic initiatives are designed to help you wherever you are on your transformation journey. You need to grow revenue, drive efficiencies and reinvent your business; we’ll partner with you to find the solution that’s right for your organization’s unique goals and priorities:

  • Branch Transformation: We provide our customers with solutions and global expertise to deliver the consumer experiences that drive revenue and growth while making the branch network more efficient and differentiated.
  • Consumer-Centric Experience: Change the way consumers experience your brand and create the anytime, anywhere, any touchpoint experience your consumers demand. With proven strategies and a distinctive and expansive portfolio we are helping you to migrate to a consumer-centric organization and create banking services that are seamlessly integrated into your consumers’ daily lives.
  • True Cash Cycle Management: The key to smart cash processes: True cash cycle management encompasses so much more than optimizing cash-in-transit visits. Our comprehensive, end-to-end suite of cash-automation and management solutions recognizes and addresses the broad challenges faced in accurately monitoring and optimizing the cost of cash. 
  • Security: Covering everything from endpoint protection, identity and access control, to cash, data and software security and monitoring, our solutions and security experts help prevent, detect and protect against logical attacks, physical attacks and fraudulent techniques.
  • Operational Excellence: Acting as a close, collaborative partner, Diebold Nixdorf provides the process improvements, services and solutions to simplify operations, ensure availability and increase efficiency. So your organization can focus on what it does best: building and maintaining existing relationships with consumers.
  • Digital Innovations: The future lies in all things digital. We are continually building innovative solutions to transform your processes and consumer experience. Be inspired by innovations that drive the future.

Discover how we’re driving connected commerce.



With more than 150 years of experience, Diebold Nixdorf is an industry-leading provider of services that ensure the optimal performance of self-service networks, branch and IT environments solutions in decentral and central banking and retail environments. Organizations around the world rely on us to keep their self-service networks and transaction technology available, efficient, convenient, secure and compliant.

We support your organization’s strategic objectives with industry-leading services that range from analysis, consulting and installation to monitoring, maintenance and multi-vendor solutions.

Total Implementation ServicesTotal Implementation Services
Ready to use solutions, on time and on budget.

Maintenance & Availability ServicesMaintenance & Availability Services
Always up and running.

Self-Service Fleet ManagementSelf-Service Fleet Management
End-to-end solutions.

Branch Lifecycle ManagementBranch Lifecycle Management
Continually transform and streamline operations.

ATM as a ServiceATM as a Service
Increase productivity with innovation and expertise.

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

When it comes to software, financial institutions around the world rely on Diebold Nixdorf more than any other provider. In fact, our flagship software products – multi-vendor application software and monitoring software – are running in more than 25% of the total financial self-service market.

Diebold Nixdorf software goes far beyond fulfilling a transaction at an isolated channel. With Vynamic, you have the power to connect the microcosm of a single consumer’s personal experience to the dynamic global payments ecosystem. We’ll help you deliver seamless transactions and intuitive, personalized interactions. Transform your business for the future of connected commerce. 

Vynamic Connection Points
World-leading terminal application software

Vynamic Transaction Engine
Automation tools to converge channels

Vynamic Engagement
Personalization and customization solutions

Vynamic Management & Security
End-to-End support for your network

Vynamic Analytics
Actionable intelligence from multichannel data

Vynamic Digital
Open, future-proof solutions for the modern era

Vynamic Operations
Take Charge of Your Entire Fleet

Self-Service and Teller Automation Systems

Self-Service and Teller Automation Systems

With the largest portfolio of self-service solutions and a combined installed base of 1 million systems in more than 130 countries, Diebold Nixdorf is the clear leader in the global cash and media systems market. This position enables us to understand the needs and challenges of financial institutions today, and anticipate those of the future as we leverage our IP and expertise in the areas of media handling and security.

Our innovative transaction automation enabling solutions help transform your business model to address the emerging needs of consumers in an omnichannel world.

Find the system that fits to your specific needs:

Lobby ATMs

Deploy these indoor units in the branch or at other retail locations to bridge the physical and digital ecosystem for consumers, and empower your customers with access to more financial services.

Lobby ATMs

Through-the-Wall (TTW) ATMs

TTW units offer flexibility in your deployment needs. Whether indoor, outdoor or in a vestibule area, DN Series TTW units integrate seamlessly into your branch environment.

Through-the-Wall (TTW) ATMs

Drive-up ATMs

Built to withstand the harshest conditions and elements, our drive-up units will transform your drive-thru lane and free your branch staff to engage more deeply with consumers in this 24x7 channel.

Drive-up ATMs
  • Infographic: The All-New DN SeriesTM New

    DN Series delivers a more personalized experience in a more integrated solution.

  • Infographic: Optimize Your Productivity, Simplify Operations and Drive Efficiencies for Your Organization New

    Your branch or store has to deliver new and enhanced functionalities while reducing the total cost of ownership. Yet delivering on new experiences can be overwhelming for internal teams that are already charged with day-to-day responsibilities. With the right partner, your complex hardware and/or software installations can run smoothly, seamlessly and quickly, to match the pace of today’s evolving consumer expectations.

  • Infographic: Optimize Your Connected Enterprise New

    What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to managing the universe of tablets, handhelds, payment terminals and more?

  • Infographic: ATM Monitoring: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    It's 5 p.m. on a Saturday. Do you know if your ATM network is up and running?
    Without the proper monitoring tools, you coul dbe missing a lot of information about the health of your self-service devices. Take a peek at the current landscape, and fin dout how your can manage your self-service ecosystem end-to-end and enhance your brand’s integrity.

  • Infographic: Cash is (Still) King

    Digitalization is here to stay — we’re a hyper-connected world with more options than ever. But that doesn’t change the fact that physical currency is a top choice of people around the world. From how much there is, to why we love to use it (and how much it costs to move it all around), here’s an inside look at the big, complicated ecosystem of cash.

  • Infographic: Consumer-Centric Experience

    How to Foster Better Consumer Experiences in the Digital Era.
    Today's consumers are empowered with more information than ever before, which means the bar has never been higher when it comes to brand experiences. With demographics and generational preferences changing, are you putting consumer experience at the heart of the banking experience?

  • Infographic: The Facts on Skimming

    The race to prevent fraud is never-ending, and even as new solutions are implemented, work-arounds are being designed. That's certainly been the case when it comes to card skimming at the ATM. Over the years, the bad guys have made their skimmers smaller, smarter and virtually undetectable. And even as EMV compliance makes its way across the United States and around the globe, skimming remains on of the financial industry's most costly problems.

  • Infographic: Top Five Consumer Myths

    The worlds of physical and digital currency are colliding - and in this vastly changing retail banking landscape, there are a number of myths and misconceptions regarding consumer attitudes. Let's look at the facts.

  • Infographic: Windows® 10: An Engine for Change

    Strategize Today. Breathe Easy Tomorrow.
    From large banks to local credit unions, the Windows® 10 migration offers an opportunity to provide a better consumer experience and future-proof your fleet.

  • Infographic: Thriving in a consumer-centric ecosystem

    Diebold Nixdorf is a strategic, collaborative end-to-end provider of services, software and hardware for the financial and retail industries. Take a look at how we’re driving connected commerce, helping clients around the world meet the needs of the consumer-centric global ecosystem.

  • Infographic: The Power of Diebold Nixdorf Software

    Changing the way the world connects with their money. Diebold Nixdorf is the global leader in ATM software deployments.

  • Infographic: Giving You an Edge: The Facts on Skimming

    Most bank cards are still vulnerable to card skimming. Discover why financial institutions are protecting their assets, consumers and reputation with the latest skimming solution.

  • Infographic: The Total Economic Impact of Diebold Nixdorf Marketing at the ATM Solution

    Through four customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that Diebold Nixdorf’s Marketing at the ATM solution has the following three-year financial impact.

  • Infographic: Cash is king

    Digitization is here to stay – we’re a hyper-connected world with more options than ever. But that doesn’t change the fact that physical currency is a top choice of people around the world. From how much there is, to why we love to use it (and how much it costs to move it all around), here’s an inside look at the big, complicated ecosystem of cash.

  • Infographic: Operational Excellence for Financial Institutions

    Want to ensure availability, enhance efficiency and enrich experiences? Download this infographic and learn how to achieve Operational Excellence.

White Papers / Product Cards
  • The SMB Opportunity New

    Key Takeaways:

    1. SMBs account for more than 90% of global businesses.
    2. McKinsey estimates that banking revenues from SMBs represent one-fifth of all global banking revenue.
    3. Financial institutions (FIs) often fail to fully leverage automation solutions that could have a transformative impact on their relationships with SMBs.
  • DN SeriesTM

    The way people bank is changing, and the ATM is a critical digital channel in a modern connected journey. DN Series delivers a more personalized  experience in a more integrated solution.

  • Are Self-Service Security Management Services Right for You?

    Managing a self-service fleet is a HUGE task. Is your security strategy piecemealed? Do you question whether you’re doing enough to protect your fleet and your customers? If so, it’s time to enlist help. Answer the questions below to see if DN AllConnect Managed Security Services„ could be just what your organization needs.

  • Three Partners, One Vision: A 100% Digital Bank

    We live in an era that is hallmarked by smartphone use and Internet access. Today’s consumers want options, and they want them now, not tomorrow or next week. Banpará recognized that in order to stay ahead of the curve, they needed to act aggressively to position themselves as a modern financial partner to their consumers. Working in tandem with Saque e Pague, a Brazilian multiple-service self-service network, and Diebold Nixdorf, Banpará created a revolutionary, fi rst-of-its-kind digital bank branch in the popular Shopping Boulevard mall in Belém, Pará.

  • Maintenance & Availability Services

    High availability across the entire self-service network is a critical component of delivering positive consumer experiences. Powered by Diebold Nixdorf AllConnectSM Services, our global service infrastructure keeps your assets, equipment and software systems running and up-to-date, regardless of manufacturer. Our focus on continuously improving and maintaining self-service fleet availability and performance means you can focus on continuously delighting your consumers.

  • Total Implementation Services

    A key element of success in today’s banking industry is the ability to manage change—anticipating market demands, quickly harmonizing diverse IT landscapes, reducing industry complexities, increasing value, and enhancing your financial institution’s image while simultaneously making your costs more efficient. Total Implementation Services, powered by Diebold Nixdorf AllConnectSM Services, offers reliable and scalable implementation solutions based on globally standardized processes and tools, a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) approach, and reliable local expertise.

  • Self-service Fleet Management

    Market factors are pressing financial organizations from all sides: low interest rates, complex regulations, new players in the market, changing consumer expectations and much more. Optimizing and transforming your self-service channel for this new reality is critical to continued success. Self-Service Fleet Management, powered by Diebold Nixdorf AllConnectSM Services, provides an experienced single point of contact to remove redundancies and make end-to-end management of your systems and software more efficient and profitable.

  • Branch Lifestyle Management

    Digitalization of the financial industry is proceeding rapidly. Simultaneously, falling profit margins are putting pressure on branch network operations. Financial institutions are challenged with the overwhelming task of transforming branches to drive efficiencies and operate at lower costs, while somehow maintaining and even nurturing consumer relationships. Branch Lifecycle Management, powered by Diebold Nixdorf AllConnectSM Services, provides a holistic, end-to-end suite of services, software and systems solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of modern financial institutions.

  • ATM as a Service

    Managing a self-service delivery channel can be an underestimated responsibility for many Financial Institutions (FIs). FIs are faced with balancing the need for efficiency and optimization against the non-negotiable (rising) consumer demand for a personalized and always on self-service experience. FIs know that to compete effectively and grow revenue, they must never miss a moment with each of their consumers. Yet, the reality is that many FIs are faced with scarce resources, a need for rapid innovation and lack of in-house expertise to fulfill against this in-demand consumer delivery channel. ATM as a Service, powered by Diebold Nixdorf AllConnectSM Services, shifts the management of your self-service delivery channel to us, giving FIs the opportunity to seize each moment with every consumer.

  • Brochure: CS Systems Portfolio

    Diebold Nixdorf offers a comprehensive suite of self-service options to meet the diverse needs of a differentiated, global marketplace.

  • Brochure: Device Monitoring: Define your own parameters

    Monitor your self-service network the way you want.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Diebold Nixdorf Marketing at the ATM Solution

    To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed several customers with years of experience using Diebold’s Marketing at the ATM.

  • Get Defensive with End-to-End Security Solutions

    Your entire self-service ecosystem needs a multilayer approach to protect you, your customers, your bottom line and your brand. We can help you develop a holistic approach that provides the best defense against potential attacks – whether physical or logical.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Cash Cycle Management

    Bad timing. Chaos. Wastefulness. Are you troubled by one – or a few – of the common obstacles to achieving True Cash Cycle Management? In this new guide, we’ve compiled the challenges we see all too frequently: The Seven Deadly Sins of Cash Cycle Management.

  • Diebold Nixdorf Case Study: Capstar Bank

    CapStar Bank redesigns its branches and creates a modern, customer-centric banking experience. Get to know how the bank managed to create an accessible, boutique environment featuring an open concept floor plan with automated services and private consultation spaces.

  • Managing ATM Security: Layered Approaches for 21st Century Issues

    With fraudsters being increasingly more creative at developing attacks on systems, ATM security is now more important than ever before, and unless ATM owners act proactively, they’re going to become the next statistic.

  • Mobile Money and Mobile Financial Services @ ATM Networks: The Role of ATM Networks in the "Mobile First" World

    This white paper examines the opportunities for financial institutions (FIs) and mobile network operators (MNOs) to generate new revenue streams in the “mobile first” environment, which is becoming a reality in developed and emerging markets.


    Automated cash recycling is one way to reduce cash-handling challenges, and it can bring significant benefits to financial institutions. Download this guide to conquering cash management costs.

  • Case study: BAWAG P.S.K. integrates banking and postal branch services

    Together, the Austrian bank BAWAG P.S.K. and postal service Post AG have created a unique network of tightly integrated branches. Today, customers visiting one of their 500 jointly managed branches have access to both financial and postal services, powered by Diebold Nixdorf’s self-service technology.

  • Case study: BBVA Bancomer creates win-win-win situation for bank, retailers and consumers

    BBVA Bancomer is reaching more consumers and achieved simple, convenient and cost-effective cash handling.

  • Case study: Garanti Bank

    Garanti Bank offers optimum service across all channels – simple and customer friendly.

  • Case study: Raiffeisen Bank Serbia takes a branch transformation journey

    Raiffeisen Bank Serbia is harmonizing and intertwining efficiency, processes and design in its branches.

  • The Global Classroom: Branch Transformation

    After engaging with more than 750 financial institutions around the world, the Diebold Nixdorf Branch Transformation Team has identified some of the most innovative, transformative ways different regions are making banking better.

  • Eight Steps to Successful Cash Recycling

    There’s no longer a debate about whether financial institutions should implement cash recycling systems (CRS) in their branches and ATMs. The question is how to do so.

  • 5 Consumer Myths

    The worlds of physical and digital currency are colliding—and in this vastly changing retail banking landscape, there are a number of myths and misconceptions regarding consumer attitudes. Let’s look at the facts.

  • Case Study: Branch Transformation with First Citizens National Bank

    With a rich, 125-year history in the region, First Citizens National Bank (FCNB) was ready to raise the bar for its consumers. The bank engaged in a strategic branch transformation project that included a de novo branch as well as a rebuild of the highest volume branch in their network.

  • Perspective: ATM Fleet Management

    The ATM channel is a vital touchpoint for consumers. Yet in a commissioned global study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Diebold Nixdorf, a majority of financial institutions (FIs) polled felt in-house management of their self-service fleet was becoming too difficult.

  • Forrester® - Why Financial Institutions Should Consider Managed Services for their ATM Fleet

    Forrester conducted an online global survey of 220 business and IT decision-makers with responsibility for the security and management of ATMs at retail banks. Through this study, we found that businesses are challenged with providing a number of security elements for ATMs and could benefit from having a trusted partner to aid with ATM security.


What Recent Jackpotting Attacks Can Teach UsWhat Recent Jackpotting Attacks Can Teach Us

It has been a challenging year for jackpotting attacks on ATMs, with new attack variants appearing and new regions—including the Americas—being affected. If the financial services industry is going to effectively counteract this threat, a better understanding of jackpotting and the importance of holistic, up-to-date defenses are required.

Don’t be the Jackpot. Protect your ATMs against evolving attacks.Don’t be the Jackpot. Protect your ATMs against evolving attacks.

You might have seen some of the headlines earlier this year about “jackpotting.” It’s an ATM hacking scheme that prompts ATMs to dispense cash as if they were a Vegas slot machine.

It sounds sensational—but it’s a real threat. After becoming prominent in Latin America, Europe and Asia over the past several years, jackpotting has made its way into the United States. And many banks and ATMs around the country are vulnerable.

Which biometrics are best in specific situations?Which biometrics are best in specific situations?

If mobile payments were yesterday, and AI is the future, then biometrics are today.

More and more, we’re seeing biometrics being adopted across various platforms to serve a range of different uses, from thumbs unlocking smartphones, to facial recognition-enabled PCs, to voice identification calls. Despite concerns over mass adoption of the technology (mobile payments are still struggling to live up to the hype), the total implementation of biometrics feels very much like a certainty, with experts and consumers alike viewing it as somewhat inevitable, even ‘a long time coming.’ So what will the mainstream adoption of biometrics look like?

Driving Financial Inclusion by Bridging Physical and Digital ChannelsDriving Financial Inclusion by Bridging Physical and Digital Channels

There are two questions I am frequently asked when discussing financial self-service with banks: “How do I migrate as many transactions as possible from my branch network to my self-service channels?” and “How can I incrementally drive new transactions to my self-service channels?”

What’s Your Catalyst for Growth?What’s Your Catalyst for Growth?

Our SVP, Services explores how Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Services transforms your daily operations and empowers you to deliver an unsurpassed level of seamless connectivity and positive consumer experiences across your entire network.

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