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Auriga is a leading supplier of software solutions and services to the banking industry and payments system providers, and the largest European independent software vendor for multi-vendor ATM acquiring solutions.

Auriga’s WinWebServer (WWS) runs on almost any hardware server platform and on any multi-vendor ATM terminal or self-service device, establishing itself as the major provider of both software and services for the vast majority of Italy’s ATMs, as well as on an increasing number of terminals in Europe.

Auriga’s web-based architecture, which guarantees the perfect synergy between self-service, internet banking, mobile banking and other channels, provides a seamless banking experience of the highest level.

It also enables banks to benefit from full protection, security monitoring and control of their critical networked devices, such as ATMs, thanks to its centralised cybersecurity solution Lookwise Device Manager (LDM).

Auriga’s mission is to revolutionise the way direct banking channels work by integrating them into a single, cloud-based system that boosts efficiencies and reduces time-to-market.

Through its WWS solution for ATMs and multi-channel banking applications, Auriga is developing a growing presence in Eastern and Western Europe, and expanding operations in UK, Central and Latin America and Asia-Pacific

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Omnichannel banking: WinWebServer (WWS)

Auriga’s commitment to innovation and technical excellence has culminated in the development of their omnichannel banking product WinWebServer (WWS). WWS is an integrated platform on a web-based architecture that can provide a 'seamless banking experience' of the highest level across all the different distribution channels. WWS is currently deployed on over 67% of the Italian ATM network (more than 33,000 ATMs) and provides internet banking services to over 1 million customers.

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HIGHLIGHTS: What lies ahead for the banking industry in 2021?

Auriga opens its first offices in Spain and Mexico

It is time to step back and take a look at 2020, consider the lessons learnt and the trends likely to emerge in the banking sector in the next 12 months.

Banks must demonstrate a solid understanding of the current industry landscape and stay aligned with customers’ needs and expectations in order to differentiate themselves against competitors.

With that being said, we want to kick off this new year with a list of 2021 banking trends, which we believe will impact the industry in the upcoming months.

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Products & Services

Lookwise Device Manager

An integrated ATM Cybersecurity Solution

Lookwise Device Manager (LDM) is a centralized and modular OT cybersecurity platform that offers a comprehensive set of functionalities to protect, monitor and control your critical devices.

It is built on the basis of Auriga proprietary technology Lookwise TECH. This technology, specifically designed for distributed environments and for Windows XP/7/10 OS, provides the product with its modularity, scalability and flexibility.

LDM provides the most advanced set of countermeasures to protect and respond to the new generation of cyber-attacks based on malware. It centralizes policy definition and operations at a single point allowing you to protect thousands of critical devices without affecting business continuity and favouring compliance with cybersecurity regulations or corporate policies.

It is a perfect-fit solution for ensuring high security standards in fix-purpose devices that are critical to the business, such as ATMs, point of sale terminals critical infrastructure control systems.

Features of Lookwise Device Manager

  • Benefit from award-winning, vendor-agnostic technology specifically designed for critical devices.
  • Protect your critical systems from malicious or fraudulent activities, with the most comprehensive layered protection model.
  • Quickly comply with your security policies, with minimal performance impact on your devices.
  • Save time and money thanks to remote and centralised security operations from a single GUI.
  • Block, detect and solve security incidents that may arise from your assets.
  • Get real-time visibility into the hardware, software and users installed on your devices, and stay in loop with any changes.
  • Execute customized remote actions on your devices in a secure and controlled environment.
  • Adapt visibility and permissions to the specific needs of the different operations teams.

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ATM solution - WWS Asset Management

The Bank of the Future Focuses on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be applied to several banking processes, including those that work on improving the user experience on all banking channels, through forecasting and strategic business analysis.

AI can have a strong impact on the relationship between the bank and its current and potential customers. Interactions with all the bank’s touch points and cash points generate valuable data on potential and existing customers that can be collected to find out more about their level of satisfaction, behaviour or the risk of losing them; allowing the bank to then design an even more customised customer journey.

AI – Benefits for Banks

The application scenarios of AI technologies are varied and do not just include the introduction of specific machine learning or deep learning systems, platforms or algorithms. It is above all the inclusion and metabolisation of these new tools in the organisational dynamics and existing technological structure that make the difference.

The AI module, integrated with the proprietary systems, makes it possible to make the most of the data, to facilitate and speed up strategic decisions and improve investments.

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ATM solution - WWS Asset Management

WWS Asset Management helps you manage the life cycles of all the devices located in your branches.

As you invest into new hybrid digital branch banking formats, you are connecting more devices and gathering more data in branches but you need the right tools to make best possible decisions about when to replace these assets, managing maintenance costs, and when to discontinue or acquire new devices.

Our new module helps you manage a wide array of devices including ATMs, assisted self-service devices, tablets, digital signage and PDUs.

A complete exhaustive inventory

WWS Asset Management operates in three stages:

Creating and inventory of devices, data collection, predictive analysis.

Once installed and configured, the module scans the branches’ equipment, across all distribution channels and physical locations, and collects both hardware and software information. The application interface can be configured to display data and generate reports according to user-predefined criteria (branch, area, bank or group of banks).

You can automatically collect and interpret device data, including service status, location, and hardware and software specifications. Once connected to the network, WWS Asset Management connects to devices and the server to build up a complete exhaustive inventory of the assets in the network and understand the relationships between devices.

Lower operational costs

Its predictive analysis algorithm uses 24 months of past data to provide precise maintenance and operation scenarios for every single device. From this, you can make smart decisions about maintenance contracts, or whether to replace assets— resulting in consistently lower operational costs and significantly improved service. Importantly, you will be able to make these decisions using the latest data rather than relying on out of date information.

WWS Asset Management module is the latest module in Auriga’s WinWebServer (WWS) solution, which enables you to design the next generation bank branch, with the freedom to combine Auriga’s different modules in any way across their network and according to their business strategies.

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ATM solution - WWS BAM

WWS BAM enables banks to leverage the value of Big Data, by easily and flexibly aggregating them to provide fuller and richer insight across all of the retail channels and services available to customers.

Transforming data into strategic information

As an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite, WWS BAM is the Auriga's omnichannel Data Analytics solution that aggregates and processes all analytical data stemming from all business services performed by the bank. This includes withdrawals, card recharges, account statements and payments through all customers' touchpoints, whether on an ATM/ASD/ASST, on mobile device, online, or at a branch window. WWS BAM transforms this data into strategic information supporting managerial decisions and processes.

After transferring data from all channels configured into the Data Warehouse platform, in a time-lag interval that is configurable (from a standard of 24-hour refresh cycles), WWS BAM allows decision-makers to create multiple dimensions of analysis depending on the business objectives and specific KPIs, using a highly intuitive interface, and utilising extensive graphical representations to display reports and statistics.

Real-time well-informed decisions

Thanks to the channel based approach and cross area business operation management, WWS BAM offers banks an overview of banking performance, supporting decision makers in taking real time, well-informed decisions regarding business services and processes, and view trends and correlations to better advise their growth strategy.

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ATM solution - WWS Customer Management

WWS Customer Management empowers bank branch staff to optimise the cost efficiencies of their branch operations while maximising the add-on sales potential of how in-branch systems improve interactions with branch visitors.

The software module is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the branch channel.

Boosting profits while acquiring new customers

Banks are making significant investments in transforming their branches for greater efficiency, boosting profits, acquiring new customers, and enhancing the quality of the customer interactions. The WWS Customer Management module responds to how banks are rethinking how their bank branch operates as part of an omnichannel strategy. Thanks to a variety of graphical and tabular dashboard displays, branch staff and consultants can easily optimize their workload and tasks by monitoring in real time the customer flow and queue, the self-service operational workflow and availability, and the consultant’s schedules.

Rethinking the waiting-time experience

Easily deployed on touch screen kiosks and tablets used by branch staff, WWS Customer Management fully streamlines the consumer’s in-branch services experience by providing a more effective customer queue management and advisory service as well as rethinking completely the visitor/client or prospect entrance and waiting-time experience, recognizing them from the moment they arrive and immediately being able to offer them the right device or consultant according to their needs.

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ATM solution - WWS Cash Management

WWS Cash Management automates how the bank determines the most efficient cash delivery and collection schedule and processes, enabling a drastic reduction in operational costs as well as out-of-service time for cashpoints and how this affects customers and the bank’s reputation for quality of service.

As an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the branch channel, WWS Cash Management is designed to manage a bank’s cash more effectively and improve cash management, cash handling and security.

Managing the bank's cash more effectively

Multivendor and multichannel WWS Cash Management is a best of breed integrated solution for end-to-end cash management process, allowing banks to increase self-service availability, reduce cash warehousing and cash procurements costs related to cash handling and cash-in-transit from all cash points, inside as well as outside the branch (cash-out/cash-in ATM, multifunction ATM, recycling ATM, ASD/ASST, TARM, branch window with TCR).

Optimizing the cash inventory process

Utilising sophisticated algorithms with self-learning mathematical forecasting, combined with data analysis of historical trends (at least 12 months of records to accurately run cash forecasts) and on different parameters (such as cashpoint’s physical location and its capacity, as well as the bank’s insurance policy, any legal requirements and any likely spikes in demand for cash withdrawals), the solution is designed to optimize, anticipate, automate, support, control and report the entire cash inventory and replenishment process for all entities involved in the cash management process (from cash points to back office as well as branch CI/CO).

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Auriga - WWS ATM Solution

WWS ATM is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the complete management of the ATM channel.

Based on a highly scalable 3-tier client server solution built with the most advanced web technologies, WWS ATM delivers significant reductions in operational and technology cost while improving system availability and time to market for new services.

Full or tailored solution


  • certified with all the latest security standards
  • a well proven solution, currently deployed on over 33,000 ATMs
  • a true multi-institution and truly vendor-independent ATM software solution
  • a fully integrated ATM management solution to centralise and simplify the complete management of all terminals including transaction flows, screen layout and service activities
  • highly modular and can be deployed as a fully integrated solution or discrete phases according to banks’ actual business needs: terminal driving, cash reconciliation, remote key management, one-to-one marketing, proactive network monitoring, trouble ticketing, electronic journal and software download management

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ATM Solution - WWS OnetoOne

The OnetoOne Marketing module is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite that transforms any banking channel into an efficient communication tool to maximise the opportunity to sell new services and enhance the consumer’s experience regardless of how they interact with their bank (ATMs, digital signage, internet, mobile, social networks, etc.).

Maximising the opportunity to sell new services

Through the OnetoOne Marketing module, banks can build a high value added ‘personal relationship’ with their customers, even though an impersonal channel such as an ATM. Beyond idle loop configuration, it is possible to define the associated marketing point for each campaign at a specific stage of the transaction (idle loop, authorisation, host message, counting banknotes, printing receipt).

Marketing campaigns tailored to each client

Thanks to integration with a CRM system or preloaded customer information, personalised one-to-one messages can be uniquely tailored to the client profile: they can include service advice (for example ‘please collect your new card’) as well as sales promotions and pre-approved offers, or marketing campaigns targeting specific locations and customer segments.

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ATM solution - WWS Proactive Monitoring Manager

The Proactive Monitoring module is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite that ensures the highest service availability across all banking channels and gives consumers access to banking services 24/7. It is a 360-degree system monitoring all aspects of the network including connections with the bank’s host systems, connections with third party service partners, the WWS ATM application processing, and all self-service channels.

Access to banking services 24/7

Through the Proactive Monitoring module and an extensive range of diagnostic information, banks gain a rapid understanding of the overall status of all the ATM and kiosk devices (HW monitoring, transaction summary details and easy access to electronic journals) as well as interactive access to the Smart client on the remote ATM (for detailed analysis of the device’s peripherals and operation).

Easy configuration and automatic alerts

To maximise service availability and minimise the need for onsite maintenance, the system can be easily configured to automatically generate alerts and perform a variety of automatic corrective actions in response to specific events or management thresholds being exceeded.

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ATM solution - WWS Greaeter

WWS Greæter is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the branch channel, specifically designed to help branch staff fulfil their changing roles – from operations executors to services consultants or self-service assistants who are able to suggest customised services for each customer.

Facilitating dialogue with customers

WWS Greæter is an innovative tablet application, combining through a single intuitive console real time information about the branch’s self-service hardware, the customer’s transaction history and relationship status, and relevant sales opportunities. Offering the ultimate in-branch service is possible now.

The solution offers personalised customer information to facilitate dialogue with customers about their specific needs, provides constructive support on the increasing number of self-service functions, and promotes increased sales by empowering staff to reinforce personalised target marketing.

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ATM solution - WWS Mobile

WWS Mobile is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the mobile channel that enables banks to give consumers the ultimate ‘bank in their pocket’ experience while on the move.

New revenue opportunities

A highly secure and fully integrated solution, WWS Mobile offers customers the widest range of banking and payment services in the most cost effective way, resulting in greater consumer satisfaction and new revenue opportunities. WWS Mobile has been designed to take into account how the consumer benefits from the mobile experience and how banks can use mobile to enhance the services they provide through all of their delivery channels.

Enhancing mobile banking services

As part of the bank’s omnichannel strategy, WWS Mobile offers the customer a range of cross-channel capabilities such as safer and faster cash withdrawals without using traditional plastic cards, the ability to locate the nearest ATM and get a real time view of the services available on the selected ATM or voice-guided navigation to the ATM for people with visual impairments.

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ATM solution - WWS Signage


WWS Signage is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the Digital Signage channel and for the deployment of audio-visual content over LAN, intranet and Internet, helping banks transform their branch into a commercial outlet through the managed delivery of multimedia information and promotional marketing material using a variety of self-service devices and displays.

Designing the branch of the future

WWS Signage allows users to create and modify, in a fast and efficient way, informational and commercial multimedia content, to be displayed on screens for digital signage. With an attractive interface, compatible with most popular browsers, WWS Signage makes it easy to manage multiple communication plans with the option to have differentiated content delivered to different locations through a single intuitive console.

The criteria used to define communication plans include single branches or groups of branches, geographical regions, and different groups and types of display device.

An attractive and fully adaptable platform

WWS Signage works on PC, notebook, workstations, industrial PC, tablet PC, connected by VGA or HDMI to LCD / TFT high-resolution screens, and an IP network infrastructure like intranet / Internet and is well suited to the delivery of multimedia content to a variety of devices including PC, tablet, smartphones, and digital displays.

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