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The rise of physical attacks on ATM and cash machines shows that conventional security measures, such as alarms and cameras, are not effective deterrents. Criminals use vehicles or heavy construction equipment to steal the entire machine, tools to break-in to access the cassette, or target technicians while they are servicing and replenishing machines. It is vital to have a proven security solution that can help you recover the stolen machine and cassettes and apprehend the suspects.

3SI Security Systems is the leading ATM and Cash Machine protection system provider with solutions designed to recover the stolen asset, apprehend criminals, and deter crime. Protect the machine and cassettes against virtually any kind of physical attack through 3SI’s advanced tracking, and tracing systems.

With 50 years’ experience, 3SI is committed to help to create a #SaferWorld. Our innovative solutions boast an average +70% success rate, have helped recover over $136 million in stolen property, and have led to the arrest of over 15,300 dangerous criminals.

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Products & Services

Tracking Technology

Cash Tracker™ - Cassette

Track stolen ATMs, cash machines, and cash cassettes for recovery.

ATM Tracker™ is a fully automatic solution that silently and immediately notifies law enforcement of the attack as it occurs. ATM Tracker tracks the ATM or cash machine, cash inside, and criminals during their escape. This highly effective solution has recovered 90% of all stolen ATM cash and has led to criminal apprehension. Get more information on ATM Tracker

Cassette Tracker™ is an add-on solution to the ATM Tracker system for enhanced cash cassette protection. Criminals may attempt to steal just the cash cassette inside of the ATM or rob technicians on their service rounds. As an added layer of security, Cassette Tracker will silently activate with motion and detection away from the ATM Safezone. Get more information on Cassette Tracker

Tracing Technology

SecuriDab® LT

Protect cash in ATMs, cash machines, and cash cassettes with ink-staining technology.

SecuriDab® LT will detect various attacks and automatically stain the cash inside the ATM rendering it worthless to criminals. Get more information on SecuriDab LT

24/7 Support

To support our solutions, our 24/7/365 Tracking Support Center (TSC), based in the United States, is on the job. Every crime event involving a 3SI solution is logged and managed by the TSC, and we support local dispatchers and law enforcement every step of the way during an active track. The same 24/7 support services are available to our customers.

Law Enforcement Division

Our dedicated LED provides training and ongoing support to police agencies relating to the installation of our tracking solutions within local jurisdictions. Comprised of active and retired law enforcement officers, this division along with our 24/7 Tracking Support Center makes our tracking solution second to none.

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