Connect with Key Decision-Makers: Sponsor the 2024 DC Fly-in

Monday, February 26, 2024

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Company: ATM Industry Association

This year’s Washington, DC Fly-in is just around the corner. The JW Marriott (our meeting venue last year) has confirmed our meeting room for March 19, 2024, which makes our day on the Hill March 20. 

If you have not participated in a Fly-in with ATMIA or any other organization, it is a very interesting and educational experience. Meetings are set with legislative members and staff to discuss key issues of importance to the ATM industry. They appreciate hearing about those issues from those who are most impacted – our members. Particularly members who live or have business operations in their state/district.

A temporary Fly-in Planning Committee has been formed to assist with setting up appointments. As we are getting close to the event, committee members will now begin reaching out to staff to secure meeting times for the larger group. Meetings with members on banking, financial services, and judiciary are of particular interest.

This is also a great opportunity to give your organization frequent, high-level visibility from start to finish. Our 2024 sponsor will be announced in the U.S. newsletter and a membership email as soon as confirmed. Then leading up to the Fly-in itself, the linked sponsor logo is included with all promotions and notifications.

Anyone interested in more information about the available sponsorship, joining the Fly-in Planning Committee, and participating in the event should contact David Tente.

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