Celebrating Two Years of Advocacy and Content Excellence with Sofia!

Friday, May 31, 2024

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Company: ATM Industry Association

Celebrating Two Years of Advocacy and Content Excellence with Sofia!

Today, we celebrate a special milestone: two years since Sofia joined the ATMIA team as our International Advocacy and Content Manager!

Since 2022, Sofia has played a pivotal role in strengthening ATMIA's voice and amplifying our message across the globe. Her dedication to understanding the needs and concerns of our members, particularly in the European Chapter and regional chapters, has been instrumental in shaping our advocacy efforts and ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry discussions.

Sofia's expertise in communications and media, honed through years of experience in diverse industries, has been invaluable. Her ability to craft compelling content and communicate complex issues effectively has helped us reach a wider audience and raise awareness of ATMIA's and ASA's mission and objectives.

Beyond her professional skills, Sofia's fluency in German and French, coupled with her deep understanding of EU institutions and public policy gained during her five years working with the European Union, has been a significant asset to our international engagement.

We are incredibly grateful for Sofia's contributions and the positive impact she has made on ATMIA & ASA. Her dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in our success.

We look forward to many more years of working alongside Sofia and celebrating her continued achievements.

Please join us in congratulating Sofia on her two-year anniversary!

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