Celebrating Collaboration: ESQ Named ATMIA US Member of the Month

Friday, February 23, 2024

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by Jacquelynn Skotvold

ESQ Data Solutions joined ATMIA in 2001 with a clear vision: become a leading force in the industry. Their ambition wasn't just a wish, it was a plan fueled by the powerful network and resources offered by the association.

From niche player to industry leader: ESQ initially sought to establish themselves and deepen connections. They saw ATMIA's website as a goldmine, showcasing their services to a vast audience of potential clients and partners. Direct communication with fellow members further fueled their growth, fostering valuable two-way dialogues that led to lucrative partnerships.

Events as catalysts for expansion: ESQ didn't just join, they immersed themselves. Becoming a global sponsor opened doors to world-class events, connecting them with industry experts, thought leaders, and potential collaborators. These events became catalysts for expansion, keeping them ahead of the curve and expanding their reach within the industry.

A partnership that pays off: Today, ESQ's story is a testament to the power of ATMIA membership. “Our partnership with ATMIA is an indispensable part of our marketing mix.  It has enabled us to put our brand and offerings into the marketplace seamlessly as a part of the biggest association in our industry. Our membership in ATMIA has boosted our market awareness, engagement and conversions ten-fold over the years,” stated Bruce Ford, Director, Evangelism & Engagement.

The future looks bright: Looking ahead, ESQ plans to further leverage ATMIA's platform to build even stronger connections, amplify their brand awareness, and secure even more partnerships. Their story is a shining example for any company seeking to navigate and thrive in the dynamic world of ATMs.

Congratulations to ESQ for being selected as the February 2024 US Member of the Month! 

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