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Monday, September 12, 2022

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ATM attack vectors are not static – they change over time, and across geographies.  In the U.S. 77% of ATM attacks are physical, while 86% of attacks in Europe are fraud.  Attacks on ATMs reported in California are evenly split between fraud and physical.  Yet almost all attacks in Texas are physical, which may require a different strategy.

In addition to real-time access to the ASA ATM crime database (CCMIS), subscribers receive in-depth crime data reports every quarter.  The analysis looks at current trends in eight different regions, as well as changes from quarter to quarter.

ASA resources are also designed to help subscribers prepare for the unknown and unexpected.  Take advantage of security best practices for a wide variety of ATM attack vectors and creation of a layered approach to crime mitigation.  The first step in preventing many types of logical attacks, for example, is strong physical security.  And consult the Theoretical Risk Register to learn about potential new attack vectors that have not yet migrated to the ATM channel.

Join the ATM deployers, financial institutions, equipment manufacturers, security providers, law enforcement agencies, and others who are already fighting ATM crime by being part of the ATM Security Association.  David Tente with questions about ASA activities.

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