ASA ATM Security Smarts: Trivia Time!

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Company: ATM Industry Association

There's a sneaky tactic called Transaction Reversal Fraud (TRF) that involves the criminal’s account and money. TRF involves manipulating ATMs to dispense cash while avoiding any debits. This can be done through various methods, like:

  • Shuttering the Evidence: Criminals might tamper with the ATM's cash dispenser to hide the stolen money.
  • Power Play: They could even cause a fake power outage to disrupt the transaction and avoid detection.

But there's more! These are just two examples – there are at least seven other sneaky TRF tricks.

Want to learn how to keep your ATMs safe? ASA members can access the full list in the Fraud Incident Structure on the ASA website. For more information on how to gain access to the CCMIS report and other subscriber benefits, click here or you can contact David Tente at [email protected] or Jacquelynn Skotvold at [email protected]

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