A Peek at What to Expect in 2024 With Updates on Cash, Cashless Bans and Crypto Legislation

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

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Company: ATM Industry Association

We got a hint to what would be on the priority lists of a few states in 2024, as early as September of last year. State legislators will often “pre-file” bills to be taken up early in the next session. Florida, for example, pre-filed companion bills for the state House and Senate that would require accepting cash for retail, in-person payments. Crypto-related issues are also expected to be very active this year. A total of 15 bills were pre-filed before January 1.

More than 120 alerts have already been received for 2024 bill introductions. Over half are related to cryptocurrency, which is about the same ratio we saw last year. Florida, Vermont, and New York have introduced cashless bans.

South Carolina introduced a very troublesome measure that would limit surcharges on financial institution operated ATMs to $1.50. Any limits on ATM surcharges/convenience fees are opposed by ATMIA and the industry in general.

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